Comic Soup – Episode 7 [FULL AUDIO PODCAST]



Hosted and Produced by: David Penny
Co-Hosts: William Kee, Carter Kee
Audio Mixer: William Kee
Editor: William Kee


News: Superman in Gotham

News: More than 1 villain in Batman v superman: Rumor

Comic Discussion – Venom: The Savage Six

Comic Discussion – Moon Knight

News: Fantastic Four in the future!: 2061

News: Avengers 2: Andy Serkis has a role to play!

Innes plays: Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones Parts 0 and 1

Hey guys!

So Anthony has begun his latest playthrough over on his ‘innesfrelia’ channel, and we’ll be here to support him every step of the way.

Here’s Part 0, which is basically his introduction to his latest playthrough series:

And so it begins, Episode 1 is also up on Youtube. Go check him out!

FROM THE VAULTS: Stardust Drive V-Log #1

I just had Anthony over at the house this past weekend, and he wanted me to help him upload a new video for his ‘innesfrelia’ channel.

What I didn’t realize was that on his camera, he still had a bunch of old videos stored, dating as far back as four years.

Including one that was originally our very first video blog as Stardust Drive: the Rock Band.

If you’ve been watching as far back as the early days of my old Youtube Channel, will173 Productions, you may vaguely know the story of how we were formed, if not, I’d recommend searching up The All-Nighter Project 2010 video, we do discuss the origins of Stardust Drive. I should have it posted here on the site, so type it in the search bar and see if it comes up!

But basically for those who don’t know, Anthony, Chris and I have been best friends since grade school. We bonded primarily over our mutual love of video games, and from there, it sparked a lifelong friendship that still remains strong to this day.

When we started Stardust Drive, the name came from a sign that Anthony’s dad had laying around his house for a street called “Stardust Dr.”. It was pretty cool, I guess, because we somehow turned that into our plastic Rock Band’s name, and from there subsequently, it became forever known as our thing.

Fast forward from 2009 to 2010, we reunited the band with six songs that were recorded on Anthony’s camera. Sadly, they were lost, except for the V-Log which was saved on the camera to this date.

Now four years to the date, I give you the first V-Log recorded by Stardust Drive. We were crazier, sillier, and perhaps a little more insane in the early days, and we were also all running our own Youtube channels where we posted videos on a regular basis (except for Chris).

Anyways, that’s a history lesson for y’all, hope you enjoy this video from our past!

Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #20: The E3 2014 Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Small crew this time around. David rejoins Carter and Will on the round table to discuss everything E3. And I literally mean EVERYTHING E3. From Nintendo to Ubisoft, the gang takes a look at the conferences as a whole and the games that came out of them.

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Carter Kee, David Penny
Audio Mixer: William Kee
Editor: William Kee


Nintendo’s E3 press conference discussion

Sony’s E3 press conference discussion

Microsoft’s E3 press conference discussion

EA’s E3 press conference discussion

Ubisoft’s E3 press conference discussion