Comic Soup – Episode 5 [AUDIO PODCAST]



Hosted and Produced by: David Penny
Co-Host: William Kee
Audio Mixer: William Kee
Editor: William Kee


-Captain American 2 Discussion (+ Cap 3 Predictions)

-Carnage vs Deadpool The ultimate crazy showdown

-The Flash tv show discussion

-Minimum Carnage – Comic Book Review

-The Amazing Spiderman 2 – Video Game Discussion

Stardust Drive Podcast Episode #17: The Big Easy Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Banner for the Stardust Drive Podcast

Eric makes his debut on the Stardust Drive Podcast, joining William, Carter and David this week.

The gang discusses Eric’s new channel, The Big Easy, as well as news about Facebook buying Oculus Rift, Ridley Scott producing a digital feature, and the subject of crossover DLC (including Predators-CoD Ghosts, as well as Sonic-Legend of Zelda).

Host: William Kee
Co-Hosts: Carter Kee, David Penny, Eric Wickham
Audio Mixer: David Penny
Editor: William Kee

GENERAL NEWS: Facebook buying Oculus Rift VR for $2 billion

GENERAL NEWS: Ridley Scott to produce a Halo ‘digital feature’

GENERAL NEWS: EA looks to ‘Batman Arkham’ franchise for their upcoming Star Wars games

GENERAL DISCUSSION:  Indiana Jones may get recast…Bradley Cooper leads the choices

GENERAL DISCUSSION: Sonic: Lost World gets ‘Legend of Zelda’ DLC

GENERAL DISCUSSION: Predator crossover DLC in COD: Ghosts

GENERAL DISCUSSION: Anything fool you on April Fool’s Day?

Poll Question: Week of April 7th

Our newest poll question deals with the topic of crossovers in downloadable content.

If you are confused, read these articles to get a better idea of what the poll question is asking.

Sonic: Lost World gets ‘Legend of Zelda’ DLC

Predator crossover DLC in COD: Ghosts

Cooking with Will – Toad-in-the-Hole

Do you see the pun in this picture?

Do you see the pun in this picture?

Good morning and welcome to a brand new week! We have a brand new Cooking with Will video ready to start the week off right. Today, Will shows us how to cook a Toad-in-the-Hole. And seeing as how he’s never cooked one (or in this case, two) before in his life, we’re all going to learn something new together!

Cooking with Will – Meaty Eggs



Cooking with Will is back with a vengeance. Adam joins Will in the kitchen for this episode, and Carter takes the camera so that Will can have two hands to be crazy.

The guys invent a new kind of scrambled eggs, mixing in bacon, cheese and hotdog to create meaty eggs.


Book Review – Desperation by Stephen King


Ah, so the mighty King has finally graced our internet airwaves. Oh, glorious day!

This is the first of many back-to-back Stephen King reads I’m going to be putting myself through (in a good way, of course).

Hope you enjoy this rather quickie review of Desperation. Sorry for the lack of detail that I’ve been known to put into my reviews, but I’ve been trying to look at ways of shortening my videos, and I really want to keep them all below 10 minutes, considering I am trying to appease an internet audience that has a relatively short attention span (no offense).